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Write to Semse Aydin and her two children

Image : Write to Semse Aydin and her two children

On 18 April 2007 Pastor Necati Aydin, aged 36, was tortured and murdered in the office of a Christian publisher in Malatya, south-eastern Turkey, together with two co-workers Tilmann Geske, 46, and Ugur Yuksel, 32.

The five young Muslims who confessed to the murders said they killed the three Christians because they were 'attacking' Islam.

Necati left behind a wife, Semse, a son Elisa (Elisha), 7, and a daughter Ester (Esther), 6. They are currently living with Semse's sister and brother-in-law in the city of Izmit, in western Turkey where they are part of a Turkish congregation.

They moved after Semse's landlord asked her and her two children to vacate their rented home in June, admitting that the neighbourhood was nervous about their presence there.

Semse and her children are struggling with the inevitable pain of the grieving process. They request prayer that they will not be forgotten in the coming months, as they claim the Lord's peace, healing and guidance in facing the daily realities of the loss of their husband and father.

Semse and her children only speak Turkish so your message will be read to them. You may also want to make a note of their birthdays and send them special cards over the coming year: Semse's birthday is on 21 February; Elisa's is 23 July and Ester's is 26 July.

Send your cards/letters to:

Semse, Elisa and Ester Aydin
c/o Open Doors
P.O. Box 147
CH-1032 Romanel


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