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Write to the family of Tulu Mosisa

Image : Write to the family of Tulu Mosisa


Distress for widow and children of Tulu Mosisa

On March 2, eight Muslims wielding razor-sharp machetes and knives broke into two village churches in Nensebo Chebi, instantly killing Tulu Mosisa (45) . A machete blow nearly beheaded him, according to an eyewitness.

His widow, Chaltu Waga, and their five children Ketema, Bekele, Getu (18), Asfaw (15) and Birhane (7) lives in Bursho. It took weeks until a representative of Open Doors succeeded in visiting the family in this very remote. As she saw him, Chaltu Waga shouted out: “Waqa guda dha!” - “God is great!” in her Oromiffa language. She told how heavily she miss Tulu. “I could not believe that he was murdered as he was praying!” Already to its lifetimes, the family was very poor. Now, the eldest son has given up his study in order to earn money. The word of God and prayers are helping me out of my distress,” added Chaltu.

Open Doors is monitoring Chaltu’s situation very closely. Their physical needs are taken care of. At the moment they are consuming what they have in storage and enjoy support from local Christians.

However, we feel that the family is in need of encouragement and want to ask supporters to send Chaltu and her children letters of encouragement.

Writing Guidelines:
• Do not mention Open Doors in the letters
• Greeting cards, artwork by children and postcards are best (send postcards in an envelope, do not write the Open Doors address on the postcard)
• Print clearly (only write in English)
• Be encouraging, keep the message brief, but include 1 - 2 Bible verses
• Kindly request sensitivity when writing letters.
• Don't say anything negative about Muslims.
• Provide your name & country, not your full address
• Don't send money with the letters^.

Send your cards and letters to:
Chaltu Waga c/o Open Doors, P.O. box 147 1032 Romanel-s-Lausanne


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