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Write to a Christian Prisoner

"Iíve received thousands of letters. The prison warders were so impressed they stopped torturing me."

Gul Masih, Pakistani Christian sentenced to death, then released.

In the course of our ministry we have heard many testimonies of prisoners and persecuted Christians for whom a letter or a card from abroad has had a decisive role. They felt, alongside with their families, profoundly encouraged in their hardship and the authorities felt urged to accelerate their release.

Grasp the opportunity to write to persecuted Christians. On these pages, you will find addresses of prisoners who suffer because of their faith in different countries of the world.

How to write to a prisoner?

  • Greeting cards, artwork by children and postcards of your region under cover are best.
  • You may NOT mention Open Doors.
  • If your card is meant for someone living in a Muslim country, you can write in English.
  • If your card is meant for someone living in Latin America, write in Spanish (if possible).
  • Do you know someone who speaks Spanish? Ask them to help you write a few short sentences.
  • Print clearly.
  • Be encouraging, keep your message brief, include 1-2 Bible verses.
  • Donít say anything negative about the government or Muslims.
  • Write to the addressee that you pray for him (and do it).
  • Provide your name & country, not your full address.
  • Donít send money directly.

Here are a few sentences in 1. English 2. Spanish 3. French

1.      We pray for you and your family.
2.      Estamos orando por ti y tu familia.
3.      Nous prions pour toi et pour ta famille.

1.      God's children are never alone.
2.      Los Hijos de Dios nunca estŠn solos.
3.      Les enfants de Dieu ne sont jamais seuls.

1.      Your brothers and sisters from Switzerland love you with the love of the Lord.
2.      Tus hermanos de Suiza te aman en el SeŮor.
3.      Tes frŤres et soeurs de Suisse t'aiment de l'amour du Seigneur.


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