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Pray to support persecuted Christians

Prayer is the cornerstone of our action: it’s like going ourselves to the most hostile regions, it’s flying over the most tightly closed borders.
You can help support persecuted Christians in a significant way by praying regularly for them, either on your own or in a group.
We provide different tools for this purpose:

  1. Monthly magazine: With a separate prayer calendar.
  2. Prayer-CD: On request, sent free of charge in January, April and September. (Only in French or German)
  3. NewsMail: E-mail containing news for prayer, sent out every Friday. (Only in French or German)
  4. Latest news: Regular news updates on this website.

Some prayer topics for the Persecuted Church:

  • Families: protection and security
  • Church : unity and positive influence
  • Country: opening and freedom
  • Stand strong despite pressure
  • Share the Gospel in a hostile environment
  • Overcome fear
  • Be able to forgive and love their enemies
  • Remain in the country to be a witness for Jesus
  • Be an instrument of peace and reconciliation

«I guess I can just pray and ask others to pray, too».
«Why do you feel it is so little? How it makes my heart glad that a stranger should ask God’s help for me! How does that make me feel? And what answer God might give to your prayer!»

Extract from our movie «The Eastern Bride»


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