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Available Movies for Presentations

The Eastern Bride 

The Eastern Bride: This challenging and inspiring drama follows two young westerners as they encounter for the first time the realities of life for Christians under pressure in the Middle East and China. (67 minutes)
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The Stripes of the Zebra 

The Stripes of the Zebra: True-to-life drama examines the heartaches, tensions and victories of Christians living in Islamic and animistic dominated areas of Africa. Not suitable for children under 12. (57 minutes)

Stronger than Guns 

Stronger than Guns: This powerful docu-drama takes you to the heart of the Church in Colombia, Peru and southern Mexico. Christians relive their experiences, and striking re-enactments of actual events vividly show what it means to live for Christ in areas torn apart by conflict and violence. Not suitable for children under 12. (48 minutes)

Behind the Sun 

Behind the Sun: This emotionally charged film follows the life of a young Muslim who becomes a Christian. It is the story of a young man's choice...a father's pain... and a family torn apart. This dramatisation, set in the Middle East, is based on real-life situations where today believers face rejection, loneliness and even death when their families turn against them for choosing Jesus. Recommended for young people and an evangelism tool. (52 minutes)

Bamboo in Winter 

Bamboo in Winter: A tension-filled drama based on actual events happening to Christians in today's China. This evangelistic film not only tells the story of the fires of revival and of persecution in China, it also causes everyone to take a hard look at their own spiritual condition. Recommended for young people and an evangelism tool. (58 minutes)


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