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Projects and Action

Financial support to isolated and discriminated Christians is crucial



Bibles are imported in secret in countries where they are prohibited


Where there is no freedom of religion…

Open Doors helps Christians worldwide according to their needs and the urgency. We always work closely with local churches.

Literature / Medias

Bringing or printing bibles, Christian books and resources for Sunday school

 Creating underground libraries and printing houses

Christian medias, Radio and TV broadcasting, Internet


 Organising seminars for church leaders and lay persons: theology, practical management, prepare them to face persecution, introduction to Islam, …

Socio-Economic Projects (SED)

 Organising literacy courses

 Creating micro-enterprises

 Spiritual and financial support to churches, prisoners and their families, martyrs' families

 Intervening quickly and dispatching humanitarian relief in countries at war.

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves… 

What Open Doors does in free countries:
Inform churches about the condition of persecuted Christians, encourage people to intercede for them, raising funds and co-ordinate projects in order to help them.

In Switzerland

Open Doors publishes (In French and German) a monthly news magazine, 3 times a year a prayer CD , and a weekly prayer email.
It informs churches about the situation of the persecuted Church by holding conferences, seminars, Sunday talks and presentation of films.


From Switzerland

Open Doors co-ordinates aid actions, sends «bibles couriers» and organises trips to «closed» countries. It participates directly to projects in about forty countries.


Open Doors Open Doors is supported financially by individual or communal donations. It is a registered, non-profit charity, and respects the honour code of the Swiss Evangelical Alliance (AES).

Open Doors Socio-Economic branch supports the above-mentionned SED projects. They are recognised as "pure utility" public projects.


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