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Brother Andrew in one of his first trips as a «Bible smuggler» behind the Iron Curtain

Secret meeting:
despite persecutions, a great deal of faith

The mission Open Doors was created in 1955 by a man called Brother Andrew – God's smuggler

Its calling was to serve persecuted or discriminated Christians, so that they could persevere in their faith and proclaim the Gospel despite circumstances. It aims to help all churches, without distinction of denomination

Open Doors' action

1. To strenghten the Body of Christ living under restriction or persecution, by providing and delivering Bibles, materials, training and other helps, and encouraging it to become involved in world evangelism.

2.To train and encourage the Body of Christ in threatened or unstable areas, to prepare believers to face persecution and suffering, and to equip them to maintain a witness to the Gospel of Christ.

3. To motivate, mobilise and educate the Church in the free world to identify with and become more involved in assisting the Suffering Church, believing that «when one member suffers, all members suffer with it.» 1 Corinthians 12:26.


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