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Give to support persecuted Christians

How can I do it?

Open Doors is not affiliated to any Church denomination nor supported by any governement. Therefore all our actions and projects are only supported by individuals or, from time to time, by some local Churches.

Your support for persecuted Christians is highly appreciated. We guarantee that all designated gifts are stricly used according to the donor's wish.

Our Postal account is :

Portes Ouvertes, 1032 Romanel-s-Lausanne
Postfinance, CCP 10-32677-5

If you have a Swiss Post account, you can make a direct transfer to the above or through Yellownet.

If you have a Swiss Postcard, you already can Give online on a secure form provided by Postfinance. In that case, you can claim back any debit from your account within 30 days. 

Please contact us if you would like to make a regular (e.g. monthly) Direct debit.

Thank you very much for your concern for persecuted Christians.


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